Creating a home to nourish the mind & soul

February 20th, 2018

When it comes to our sense of wellbeing, our home is central to how we feel. By creating both welcoming and comfortable surroundings, and using nature to enhance our environment, we can increase our sense of calm and our happiness, according to Redrow’s interior design manager Emma Brindley.

We spoke to Emma for her thoughts on how we can make our homes a sanctuary, away from the stresses of everyday life.

“In a world lived increasingly through screens, it’s so important to take the time to connect first-hand with nature,” Emma says. “In the home, this can be as simple as giving greenery and plants more space.”


The outdoors moves indoors

“As the world becomes an increasingly noisy, connected and turbulent place, plants offer a calming and natural antidote and we’re bringing the outside into our show home redesigns more and more.

“From herbs decorating kitchen walls to large-scale foliage growing in the living room and vines used as wall dividers, plants can really take centre stage.”


Naturally inspired

“Foliage inspired prints, irregular patterns and homemade dyes can all help to create a uniquely organic look for soft furnishings.

“Earthy paint tones can also enhance the sense of tranquillity while furniture and artwork should replicate the colours, textures and patterns found in nature.”


Materials laid bare

“Celebrating materials in their natural and unprocessed state is also key. Wood can be left untreated; woven baskets, tassels and fringes can create a tactile and hand-crafted look; while cracked-looking finishes and irregular patterns offer a more weathered finish.

“Terracotta and clay, traditionally used for outdoor planters, look stunning inside the home too and can be introduced through accessories.”


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