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Berkshire Corporate Relocation Agency has been set up to meet the huge demand of professional tenants moving to the Berkshire area. Reading in particular has some of the largest international employers and organisations based in the area resulting in requirements from staff and employees to find suitable accommodation.

Where do they go? What area do they look in or stay away from? How do they know it is right for them? These are all common questions we were seeing being asked from some our professional tenants who relocated to the area. It led us to partner with local letting agents and landlords in working together in order to provide those individuals in need of quality rooms to rent in the area.

Why would a Letting Agent Work with Berkshire Corporate?

Many letting agents cater for the single let market for families and couples typically who take on a property with the view of making it their own. This leaves an untapped group for single professionals who either typically are unable to afford a place for themselves or actually would like to live with others in a similar situation. Berkshire Corporate work alongside local agents by working with suitable properties matching them to suitable corporate tenants. Agents find it reduces their workload while offering long term flexible lease terms for both agent, landlord and corporate tenants alike.

Why would a landlord work with Berkshire Corporate?

Our experience has found that the majority of landlords when investing in property have the vision and desire to have a passive investment, an asset that makes them money without the ongoing headaches of being an actual landlord brings. How many landlords actually achieve this goal? Based on our experience, very little.

Maintenance, tenant calls, viewings, advertising these are just some of the tasks landlords have to face as a result of owning and managing a rental property. Well, not any more!

Can you relate to any of the above? Would the concept of a hands off approach, hassle free property worries coupled with long term lease sound appealing? If you are a landlord who would like to explore the opportunity to have all this and much much more, drop us a message and we will be in touch about how we could move forward.

Why do tenants always choose our rooms?

It’s a question we are asked by many landlords. What makes our rooms so different to the others on the market? Quite simply we cater for the market we have had first hand experience with. We too were young professionals looking for city living with certain benefits. Taking this experience on board we now provide rooms that warrant this and are constantly improving based on our existing client database and feedback. It’s not just about renting a property to someone, we look to create a community for our tenants this not only has our rooms filled but your houses looked after!

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