Are you interested in investing in property?

Not sure where to begin or source a suitable asset?

Interest in earning five times more interest than is offered by banks?

Over the years Berkshire Corporate have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge to enable us to now work with savvy investors looking to achieve a high return on investment.

Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition

If you are looking to acquire positive cash flowing properties coupled with capital growth then Berkshire Corporate can assist you. Firstly we seek to understand your requirements before delivering suitable outcomes based on this.

We only look to source properties:

  • In Commuter London undergoing regeneration and significant improvements to transport and local amenities
  • Properties within easy walking distance (usually less than 10 minutes) of rapid public transport routes into London

We can only accommodate a handful of investors to ensure they all capitalise on adding capital appreciating and cash flowing properties to their portfolio.

Does the idea of adding high yielding properties to your portfolio appeal to you?

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

A great to collaborate and leverage knowledge, experience and finance is to set up as a Joint Venture (JV). Berkshire Corporate currently work alongside a handful of JV partners seeking to learn and earn on suitable projects.

Does the concept of a Joint Venture project appeal to you?

  • Fixed return of 6-10% NET per year
  • First and Second Charge security against assets offered
  • Previous projects highlighting investor returns available to show
  • Proven model with clear and flexible exit strategy
  • Acquisitions always in area of high demand and growth (South East & London)
Capital Returns

Capital Returns

Currently inflation is at 2.7% with UK banks offering a depressing 2% interest per annum. What does this mean? Many do not realise that this money sitting your bank is actually devaluing as the interest received each year is less than inflation!

Berkshire Corporate has developed a facility that allows it’s partners and clients alike to invest funds from as little as 3 months attracting returns on investment of 6-10% per annum!

Is it time for you to consider for your money to work for you?

Berkshire Corporate welcomes the opportunity to meet with individuals and companies who demand high returns, sustainable investments and collaboration opportunities. Get in contact with us to hear from one of our team to discuss how we can assist further.